AWS Code Pipeline Connection With UiPath Test Manager


I want to create connection between AWS Code pipeline and UiPath test Manager for continues testing so, can anyone help me on this to find a way to do it, because i am not able to find any specific plugin or document for doing that.


Hi @Aman_Tiwari,

Here’s a general outline of the steps you can follow:

  1. Set up UiPath Test Manager: First, you’ll need to set up UiPath Test Manager and create the necessary test cases and test suites.
  2. Obtain Test Manager API Key: To use the Test Manager REST API, you’ll need to obtain an API key from your Test Manager account. You can do this by going to your Test Manager account settings, selecting “API Keys”, and creating a new API key.
  3. Create AWS CodePipeline Pipeline: Next, you’ll need to create a pipeline in AWS CodePipeline that includes the necessary stages for building and deploying your application.
  4. Add a Test Stage: In the pipeline, you can add a Test stage that triggers UiPath Test Manager to execute your tests using the REST API. You can use the AWS CodePipeline action type “Invoke a Lambda function” to trigger a Lambda function that calls the Test Manager API.
  5. Implement Lambda Function: You’ll need to implement a Lambda function that uses the Test Manager REST API to trigger tests and retrieve test results. You can use any of the supported programming languages for AWS Lambda, such as Python or Node.js, to implement your function.
  6. Configure Lambda Function: Finally, you’ll need to configure your Lambda function to use the Test Manager API key and the necessary parameters for executing your tests. You can pass in parameters such as the test suite ID, test case ID, and environment configuration to customize the execution of your tests.

Note that this is a general outline, and the specific implementation details may vary depending on your requirements and environment. You may also need to consider security, authentication, and error handling when integrating different systems and APIs.