Awesome Tool a must have for anyone BUT doesn't work for me at all!

I was thrilled with the functionality of the software and … free whooao

However when i tried to use it at tradingview[dot]com nothing worked… nothing

I used all the recording types and none was able to identify any of the elements at the page
After the record button push i did see the magnifier and then when i clicked anywhere in the site the recording did do anything, didn’t save anything …

Can you tell me if / how i can fix it ?

The only bot i found operational at this site was the one who start with U but they have implemented chrome 49 and old version of chrome that doesn’t work with the specific site so 0 results too


I didn’t have luck with this BUT i accidentally tried it in Firefox and everything worked GREAT

TIP : Why you suggest these 2 methods of firefox extension integration when there is the xpi in the browser folder and anyone can insert it with the manual process of extensions at the extension section of firefox ?

works fine for me in IE and chrome, only chrome is not working for you? other website is working?