Awareness on custom activity usages

Dear team,

Whenever I suggest someone to use a custom component from uipath marketplace the first point they tell us
“Company doesn’t allow to use custom component”
“Company doesn’t allow to use outside component”

I try to suggest them it’s completely safe as I know the process of how a custom component gets deployed in uipath marketplace

I feel a proper awareness has to be made on this
among developer community so that they can give their company a proper suggestion like…””oh yeah we can use this component and there is no issue in that””


True, Thanks for sharing @Palaniyappan

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Hi @Palaniyappan

But if we use component from market place we get an issue like during migration of process to newer version many of the component is not available or failed during migration which will create big issue for project.

Is there any way to check if component is compatible with all version or component is independent of version.

It will be good if you

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You can find this information package page itself. Each developer will mention min. UiPath version required to use this package into their project.

And also if it working fine in Dev environment then it should work in UAT and PROD environments too as we will use same version of UiPath studio and Orchestrator across all 3 environments in the Organisation.

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Some documents for referral on security framework


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The Marketplace worked on providing several levels of validation that should resolve this issue. I would strongly recommend mentioning those (as you did above) whenever suggesting activities from the Marketplace :slight_smile:

I tagged my colleague from the Marketplace team for more detailed input.


Thank u :blush: @loginerror