Awaiting Install in Unattended BOT - neither able to install or run the process


We have moved our unattended BOT from existing server to new server, and it is connected with Orchestrator however I’m getting the below issue, I do searched in forum and couldn’t get any solution (could be my mistake not found the solution :slight_smile: ), your help greatly appreciated, thanks

Try to run orchestrator with admin rights. It can be user rights issue.

Yes, Orchestrator connected with admin rights however I’m facing issue on unattended BOT


Are there any proxy/firewalls blocking?

Please check the same…

Or check if the required nuget feeds containing the packages are added or not


We verified that no proxy/firewalls blocking, would you please provide further details how to check Nuget feeds in new unattended BOT VM, thanks


Check them on the new orchestrator server


Hi Bahrudeen,
Have you solve the problem fianl?