Awaiting features with StudioX

Dear Team,

Updates With recent monthly release were amazing

It would be super great if the below ones can be discussed and taken for the pipeline with future releases and I try to reflect here with features based on discussions and posts made in forum.

  1. Do while and While activity

We have Repeat for number of times activity but it requires another activity named If activity and Exit loop activity to get out from that loop
Where as a simple while and do while can do it with minimal number of activities

  1. Pdf activities by default project dependencies

We do can install from manage packages
But it would be great if we can some specific set of activities to read a pdf, both scanned and EDI documents, pdf to other file conversion like excel., word

  1. User events activities

This will be useful when doing attended automation and with user events

  1. Debug option or Test specific activity feature

Either of these options would really help when we want to test a sequence of activities or one single activity before trying in normal mode

  1. Workbook manipulation without excel plugin

This is something I was wondering when accessing data from workbook
StudioX relies on Excel plugin to read a workbook data
If the user doesn’t have excel in their machine it would be great if they can read it even without that application like how we have in studio with workbook activities

Cheers @loginerror @orchestrator

Hey @Palaniyappan ,

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! I wanted to follow up on them to get more information to help us understand this better.

  1. For do while and while, what are the use cases where you would use it?

  2. Are you looking for activities using PDF or the PDF activities package? For now, you can get around having to install a package each time by creating a template and customizing the package installed that you can reuse.

  3. Thank you for the suggestions, how would you use them in the context of attended automations?

  4. What debugging features would you find useful as a StudioX user?

  5. You can use the Show developer flag which gives you access to the workbook activities.

Many thanks,

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