Avoid Windows log off after finishing process

Hi all,

we are connected with Orchestrator. If we start any processes the roboter automatically log in on windows and after finishing the process automatically log off again.
I think this is what the most people want…

Is there a possibility to avoid the log off after the process has finished?

We do not have the opportunity to log in manually in the morning. And we also do not have the opportunity of an automatically log in via BIOS config, etc…

Hi, I don’t know if it is possible with a license for an unattended UiPath robot.
From the model point of view, the Robot has a machine assigned to it that can be used as a virtual employee.

The supervised robot works at the request of the user at the already logged in station.

Hallo @Michael_Pittner ,
we had the same problem, as I described here:

Our solution, with a user only for windows-logon and other users for logon to our software works fine for more than half a year. Our IT-administration managed to install an automatical windows-logon.

Hope it works for you.

Hi @mm1904 ,
Thanks for your reply.
I’ve arleady red your Thread, but as I wrote, this is currently no solution for us.
We can not implement a auto-logon to our system, this is denied from our host.