Avoid scrolling of the Bot


I am automating an SAP application. I have large data in tabular format in the SAP. I need to click on a specific data in that table. We have scroll bars on the sides to go up and down. So, The Bot scrolls down everytime and selects the right data if the data is deep down. It is working as expected.

But the issue is, If there are 1000s of data, The Bot scrolls everytime and clicks on the right item. But, I have an option to search for that item in a search bar and click on that item without scrolling to save time. So, when I make my bot to search for that item,The Bot does it and the required Item appears on the screen. Instead of clicking that item right away, The Bot scrolls from the beginning again and then clicks it when the point is reached.

Not sure why it is scrolling when the Item it has to click is already available in the screen. This scrolling eats up lots of time.

Thanks in advance.


you changed the steps for search but the click step may be is still in the loop of searching…

Please change the click as well to click on the required row… You can try using click text activity


I am not using any loops here. The Bot will just scroll down and click the required Item.
Click Text activity asks for “text” to be quoted. So,can’t use it.


What is the issue with click text? are you not trying to click a text?

can we see the workflow and the selector you are using


Hey Anil,
Used Click text as well. It still scrolls and goes to the top and comes down.


Can you show the selector