Average Lifespan of an RPA


First post, hope it is in the right place. I am looking for feedback from others regarding how long you are keeping RPA’s in service for? My division in our company has set a goal of only having each RPA alive for a year, then replaced with an IT supported solutions such as SDK or Configuration of our internal systems. We have found this to be tough for several reasons and it has made me wonder what are the best practices/what others in the RPA world are doing in terms of how long they keep their RPA’s alive for. Thanks for any responses!

That seems like an odd policy?

I’ve found that RPA is best for situations where it is too costly to implement traditional automation or app integrations. There are times when it may be useful as a Band-Aid or stopgap measure until a different automation approach can be used, but usually the ROI is limited for those cases because of the limited timeframe RPA would be in place.

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