Automations Program Performance dollar value source?

I zeroed out all values for “Average Employee Full Cost/Year” each automation in Hub.

However, the doughnut chart in the “Automations Program Performance values” still has a dollar value. Where/How is that being calculated?

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Please read the details in the user guide.

You can also not define any value for the “Average Employee Full Cost/Year” (versus defining it as 0), and the automation idea will not be taken into account in the Current Pipeline view on the right.

As I do not have access to the data in your tenant, I cannot provide an explanation why do you see values, as I cannot check in the automation pipeline whether indeed all the 215 have 0 as Estimated benefits measured in currency.

If you have a Standard license for Automation Hub, you can raise a support ticket, and the colleagues from Product Support will be able to organize a call to find our more details.

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