Automation Trigger by an Email (maybe Exchange server)

Hello All,

I have tried to look up on this topic but I can’t find a solution for this.

I was trying to find a way to make an email to trigger a process by the Orchestrator API.

Since nowadays we have several automations looking for emails to process and if there is no emails these automations will stop. To me this seems useless, starting an automation to process nothing.

What I would like to do is, maybe in exchange server, when an email is sent to a specific account and with a specific subject it would make a call with Orchestrator API and would run an automation to process that email. This way the automation which was triggered will have an item to process because that same item trigged the automation.

I don’t have a clue if this is possible but I would love to implement it. Do you know anything about this type of email trigger ? or if is even possible to do it .

Diogo Nunes

Hi @NunesDio,
I am unsure if it helps you, but I would know how to trigger a job using Start Job activity or HTTP request as that’s what I use in my triggers (so it should be possible to achieve that using Orch HTTP request too, I guess). Please see the below link - it did work for me. If you know how to trigger a job e.g. using Swagger, you just need to follow that way using the automation proposed by @Susana:

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Hello PAD,

Thank you for your reply. But my question is more based outside of Uipath to trigger a job in orchestrator.

What I wanted was, and I’m suggesting exchange server because this is the one I use in my enterprise, every time in an outside mail server an email is sent to an account with a subject this would make an API call to trigger an automation that would process this same email.

What I want to know is if it is possible to build for example an function to make an Orchestrator API call to be called when an email is sent in this server.

I hope I’m being clear, but this way it wouldn’t be needed a process to be running every time.

PS: Didn’t knew this Swagger thank you.

Diogo Nunes

Can anyone please help, I am not able to do gmail automation because of this error .

I have windows 10 system with uipath studio install on it.

Hello Varun_Dharni ,

I can’t help you with this.

Can you please let me know where should I post this I am totally new here and want early reponse to this

Hi @Varun_Dharni , you can just post it in the Rookies section. Go to the link: and use “+New Topic” to create your own thread. it might make sense to present your configuration in that Get IMAP Mail Messages activity that failed. Hope this helps :slight_smile: Soem similar thread that offers a couple of solutions is here Unable to read gmail inbox content using GET IMAP mail messages

Thanks for letting me know , I am new here

No problem :slight_smile:

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Hi @NunesDio,

One possible solution could be building a bridge (e.g. using NodeJS or whatever you like) between Exchange Web Services and Orchestrator API.



Thank you very much João. Going to read and understand this.

Hi @NunesDio, i’m looking to create a similar solution as posted by you and i’m wondering if you found a way and if so what was your approach? Thx

Hello Christian,

I have developed what João suggested. At the moment this is reaching the finish line and it took me some time to built it.

Diogo Nunes

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