Automation taking too long for each queue item

Hi, I have an Enterprise unattended automation process which parses data from each new email coming in.
What I noticed is that between a new queue item (email item) coming in and loading our parsing workflow file, there’s a 6 second delays (which we identified using timestamp log outputs).

I have a hunch that the bot is reinitializing the entire automation every time, which is why it’s adding to this delay.
Could this be the case? If so, is there anything we can do to prevent this for each queue item.

What is the information in queue item and how process.xaml looks like? Are you using exchange activities or outlook activities?

Hi Jakub,
There are 25 data points, all strings, in the queue item.
Process has several invokes for different validation processing workflows.
We aren’t using exchange or outlook because we’re using MimeKit