Automation Suite version 2023.10

Hi all,

There is no documentation on 2023.10 release, anyone knows when it will be released?
As soon it won’t be 2023.10 anymore, I expected it long time ago.

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Check this out

Hope it’s clarified

If yes would recommend to close this topic

Cheers @zeynep.dirikan

Hi @zeynep.dirikan, we are currently finalizing Automation Suite 23.10 build and will be releasing it over the next couple of weeks at the latest.


Hi @Alexandre_Blain, can you say if it will have Integration Services?


Hi @Palaniyappan,

It doesn’t clarify actually as I see only the new features in Automation side that will be released. What I am curious is when it will be released. The version is called 2023.10 but it’s November next week.

Thanks for the reply @Alexandre_Blain,
Understood, but in my opinion next few weeks is also really ambiguous. Is it 1-2, 4? How should companies plan with this timeline, or communicate it internally?

hey @Luc_P Automation Suite 23.10 does not include Integration Services unfortunately.

@zeynep.dirikan You are right, and we are sorry for the delay of the 23.10 release, to be a bit more precise, we are targeting first or 2nd week of November. I cannot give a formal date as we are still working through the final details.

Thanks for the reply, do you know if it will come in a future version? I was told (a while ago) it was supposed to be in 2023.10 and we would really like to use it!