Automation Suite’s Deployment Assistant

Automation Suite’s Step 4 Permission to provision SQL

I am curious about the differences between the two below.
Does this mean that I have to choose whether I already have an ms-sql server installed or whether I want to install a new one?

  1. Provision Database
    The Installer will be able to create the necessary databases. Make sure the credentials the installer will use have permission to create databases on your SQL

  2. Bring your own Database
    You are responsible for setting up and configuring the databases

Hi @sumouse ,
You want connect SQL with UiPath?
you need install SQl and config it with UiPath

With either option you do need a existing SQL server installed.

  • Provision Database option is the easiest for cases where the account you use to connect to SQL during the install has the permissions to create databases in in SQL.
  • Bring your own is an option where you don’t have an account with permissions to create the databases and you have to ask your SQL administrator to pre-create the databases for you.