Automation Suite - Airgapped Install Restrictions in an Non-Airgapped environment

Hi Team,
Quick question
If we do an airgapped installation in a non-airgapped environment (with internet), just for the sake of trying airgapped install procedures, can it still be considered a non-airgapped environment that doesn’t have any restrictions as an airgapped environment does (e.g. ML skill public endpoint restrictions in airgapped)

If there are restrictions, is there any way we can transition an existing automation suite deployment from airgapped to non-airgapped?


Hey @zell12,

Thanks for reaching out! If you do an air gapped installation in a non air gapped environment, that environment is still considered air gapped since you would have installed docker registry internally and everything will be getting pulled from there.
Right now, there is no way to transition an existing air gapped environment to non air gapped.


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Thanks for your response @Alexandre_Blain .
Follow up questions, would you be able to enumerate the restrictions for an airgapped install? Is it a fact that you cannot deploy a public endpoint for ML skills in an airgapped setup, ie to use a deployed DU ML skill as a prediction endpoint in a data labelling session or to deploy UiPath Document OCR as an endpoint for digitize OCR activity

As far as I know you should be able to do everything in an air gapped environment but as you mentioned there might be product specific limitations. @Jeremy_Tederry do you mind chiming in here for the public endpoint for ML skills?

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If yo uare using Automation Suite (not AI Center standalone) then there shouldn’t be any restriction. If you are using AI Center standalone, then you will indeed have this restriction for DU public endpoints (OCR should work though).

@alexcabuz please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks for the clarification @Jeremy_Tederry

@alexcabuz appreciate if you can further confirm this as well

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