Automation related to Insurance Process

Can anyone able to upload a sample xaml related to Insurance Process… It will be very helpful for me.

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Unfortunately we cannot upload any specific examples of insurance processes but if you have a specific requirement I would be happy to give you some information as to the steps you would need to take and provide examples of activities if required.



Thank you for your inquiry.

Besides the purpose of the forum is not to ask for code, but to help to resolve problems you encounter on your automation, those in which you already have exhausted all the possible solutions on your end.



U have any idea about how to convert the data extracted from pdf file format to csv. Like conversion of string to datatable


Here is an example :slight_smile:

Download the example and open it with uipath and go from there.


Okay thanks.,But here conversion of the string to data table is not given.Is there any way for converting the string format(eg.,data scrapped from pdf) and it into data table(eg.,write it into excel/csv)

Credit Card Rejections - works a report of rejected card payments and over a period sends letter to the customer before ultimately cancelling the insurance.

This are my requirements