Automation Process Speed

I have a question about the automation process speed. Are there any special practices to improve the process speed? Are there any methods to follow when designing workflows in UiPath Sudio to improve the speed of the automation process?
(Im using Dev robot and Uipath Studio Community Edition)

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Hi Rasinadu,
Refet this post,it may hlep you

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thanks Gouda

My Process : Filter outlook emails by subject and download excel attachments to specific folder and then convert to pdf. After that extract data from pdf files.

I used Reframework to automate this process but i think process is little bit slow.

if i use custom template to automate above process can i increase the automation speed. is it possible?

Hi @RasinduLakkitha95,

As far a I know, ReFramework will not slow down your process. So, kindly check the activity used in the process, check out the TimeOut property for each of the activities used.
For Example:
Element exists activity will wait for 30 seconds by default and if you know specific time, you can reduce those timeout property values.

Like this, check for other activity which may cause the process slow down. This need some more analysis. This one of thing I faced during a process development.

Sasikumar K

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Thank you @Sasi.lalo