Automation process got slower I am using Vlookup in Macro

When I started using the macros in excel file, vlookup got a lot slower than my previous automation is there a way to speed things up again ?

I am handling hundreds of data row per sheet and it takes a lot of time to finish the vlookup


Instead of having macro in excel…save them as text file and use invoke vba activity so that macros are not in the file


I am not aware of using invoke VBA do this activity has a tutorial ?


Just save the macros in a vba file…

Then in invoke vba you need to provide the filepath and macro name and if any inputs as needed

Check below


Hi @flashdrive07

Consider using a more efficient data structure, such as a DataTable or Dictionary, to hold the lookup values in memory. This can allow for faster access and retrieval of the lookup values.


I am using StudioX.
it is different in the video u provided