Automation over a RDP Connection - Elevated Permissions required

Hi All,

I Need Help in automating a project over a RDP connection. I have installed the RemoteRuntime.MSi installer, it seems like the selectors are working, but the problem I have is now that whenever I select a button or window to do a click activity trough the RDP connection, I get the error that I need “Elevated Privileges might be required. Try running UiPath application as administrator”. I did that with no luck at all.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Check this doc for reference

Cheers @kobusdp

No luck, I think the problem is that i’m automating in another server and not on the machine where UiPath is installed.
And unfortunately I cant install UiPath in the target machine where the automations is taking place.

I actually have account with admin right on the remote sever that has UIPathRemoteRuntime.exe installed and I started UIPath Studio on my local machine as admin too. I still got that elevated permissions required message when trying to run a file on remote server. I’m able to double click the exe file but UIPath can’t click anything on the UI. Looks like there is no solution to this. It’s very frustrating.

What is still unclear to me is which account is the problem? My local account that started UIPath studio or the account on the remote server?