Automation Ops - Source Control in Preview

Automation Ops - Source Control in Preview

Automation Ops aims to provide the tools you need to create more and better automations following automation development best practices.

Source Control

Source Control is the newest addition to your toolbox. It improves your productivity as it is designed to provide an overview of your automation source code right from within UiPath platform. You can now browse through all your automations source code, see the version history and what has changed from one commit to another. You no longer need to download the source code locally for basic review purposes.

Give it a try now on by connecting Source Control to your GitHub account/organization (always find more details in the documentation here:

Main features

In this first version, the following set of features have been included:

  • GitHub connectivity (you can access your automation projects in GitHub)
  • Display of automation projects inside multiple repositories
  • Display the commit history for each automation project
  • Display automation project file structure
  • Display automation project files content
  • Workflow files graphic display
  • Beautified text-based files.
  • Mark updated files from the previous commit
  • Side-by-side graphical diff between the current and previous versions of a workflow
  • Multi-branch support

Additional features will come in following releases.

We value your feedback

This product is created for you!
Your fellows ( helped us shape the above set of features with their valuable feedback.
Your voice is heard so please share with us your first experience with Source Control via the following channels:

What comes next

The current release is just the beginning of the source code related features in Automation Ops. There are more to come. Feedback us with how you deal with your automations source code, what are your needs and we will make it reality.


Its so great!

I would love even more if it had Azure Repo connection either


Azure Repo would be a fantastic connection to have

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Thank you guys for the feedback! It helps us understanding the important features.

Also, from today this Public Preview is also available to our Enterprise users!

Give it a try and let us know your feedback!