Automation on Virtual Machine with forms on local machine

Is it possible to launch your robot from the uipath assistant on one machine, which would launch form activities on the user’s machine that is the same as uipath assistant, and then when the user has completed the form input, launch a child process in a virtual machine? I want the user to be able to launch the robot form their own machine to handle the form input, and then start a child process in the virtual machine so that the robot can be on the network, (otherwise the vpn disconnects after a certain amount of time). Is this possible? Or would I just need to have 2 separate processes, one for the form input on the local machine, and then trigger an unattended bot on the virtual machine in response to queue items being added, even though this is not desirable because there are multiple different queue’s that could be chosen as determined from the user’s form input.

Hey @Stephanie_Rimel

This looks possible.

What is the challenge you are facing here please ?


Hi @Stephanie_Rimel,

You can even check the VPN connection with the robot and connect again.


I need the users to be able to launch the bot from UiPath assistant, a sequence of forms will come up on the user’s machine, and then the bot uses these parameters to iterates through selects and submits, and then a table with data is returned the bot extracts it and appends it to an excel sheet. This process takes a long time, sometime it can take 10 hours or more, so it would be best if the bot was not running in the background and would instead perform this in a virtual machine, but I don’t want the user to have to log into the virtual machine, I want the bot to do this on its own. Is there a package that provides the functionality to connect to a vm?