Automation of WordPress post

Hello guys,
I need advice. I am trying to automate the WordPress content posts.
Is there any idea of how can I achieve with images etc.
Any help will be appreciated


How are you uploading an image to a post now? If you have a process can’t you automate those steps?

If there is an API, then you could use the http activity to submit the post via APIs.


Thank you Andy😊

You’re welcome @Basak_Demirel !

Happy Automating!

WordPress can be really tricky if you’re not used to creating websites. Now, I’m able to make them for others and I’m loving it! I remember that I’ve encountered something related to php installation appears to be missing the mysql extension and I’ve had a long time trying to figure out how to solve that. Thankfully, Google is full of resources and if you know how to search, there shouldn’t be a problem finding anything. Now, I’ve started working on a platform of mine, similar to WordPress and hopefully this project is going to come to life pretty soon

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