Automation of Datagridview in windows app

Hi, I am using community edition for Automation of Windows app. i am having 1 Issue.
How to set data row by row to DataGridview in windows application using csv file.

Issue- I am able to set data to DataGridView but after clicking on cell of datagridview manually - automation program is filling data to respective fields. How can i automate without human intervention (manual click)

You need to look carefully at the available selectors of the DataGridView. e.g. there may be some indicator to show the row numbers or column name. You’ll need the perfect combo for this to work consistently.

Then loop through your data and dynamically update the selector to incrementally add data to the DataGridView.

First of all thanks for reply. i will explain you my problem in details.
Problem- I have One Winform for Sales Order. This form having DataGridview of 2 colums & rows are not fixed. Rows are dynamically increasing. Please see attached screenshot of Sales form.

Whenever filling ProductName it is appending one more row to DataGridview so how can we add text to respective row & column.

I tried mouse click event but every time it is pointing to first row of DataGridview.

Please share me some video /document link regarding DataGridView (Multiple rows) Automation for windows app.

Hi, I am using community edition for Automation of windows app. How to iterate row by row to DatagridView in windows application

Issue: There are 10 or 15 rows in datagridview . Now i need to click on the first row and do some action. Come back to datagridview and now need to click on the 2nd row