Automation is stuck on click activities, but continues if I open VM and hit retry

Hello - I made automation (my first!) and was able to automate it via Orchestrator. The automation involves opening a chrome browser and hitting a download button.
1 out of 2 times the automation times out, if I open my VM and hit retry on where it’s stuck it continues with no problem.

I have no idea how to even start troubleshooting this, any help would be appreciated.

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Are you using Attended or Unattended Bot ?
And also did you check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage property for that Click activity ? If not then please check that option and then try once.

Hey @mp0578121

Please make sure if you use right resolution and did it took any screenshot?


Thank you. I tried both Simulate and Window and for both, I am getting the same error message now for both - stating that it cannot find the UI element.

Hi @mp0578121

Kindly check whether the selectors are changed

Or sometimes screen resolution might also be a problem