Automation in MS Project


is it possible to have the automation build on MS Project? I tried on excel activities but it’s not working as expected.

Any suggestions or help?


yes it is possible but please pick up a real use case.

  1. Patient monitoring system.

  2. Credit Card fraud detection or Monitoring.

  3. Shipment live tracking by BOT.
    These are big and high level use case statement.
    For each use case, you have define requirement. If you want simple use case please find as follows:

  4. detect weather based on the location and grab information.

  5. detect local news and circulate to local communities.
    This is most interesting.

  6. Search for companies information in google and list of which ones are active.
    Hope my inputs are useful

Thanks @rkelchuri for replying.

I have an application integrated with MS Project. And as part of simple automation usecase, I need to check if a task is created in MS project, it gets successfully updated in other application.
To achieve this, I am not getting any activity designed for MS project in UIpath Studio. Can you please help me on this. For example: Which activity to use in UIpath studio to create a flowchart for this test case?

If you load following packages from Package manager (Ctrl+P)
Then you can see these list of activities.