Automation Hub - User Roles - No Visual Indicator When Text Options Are Active


I accessed Automation Hub (AH) for the first time today and noticed something minor but could be frustrating to some, whilst updating the user role description rich text field there is no visual indicator to identify which text settings are enabled. I tested this in Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers with the same outcome.

I checked elsewhere in AH where there are rich text box fields and they work fine that is when a text option is selected a grey background appears behind the bold, italic etc to visually show the text option that is active.

Not sure if this intended behaviour or a defect.

Let me know if you want any further information.

PS - Great product wish Automation Hub was around a couple of years ago when we started our automation journey as we had to created a hub and core functionality that is ideology, appraisal / evaluation, pipeline and performance management from scratch.



Hello @PaulS,

We have passed this feedback to the QA team. We will have it fixed.
Thank you for reporting it.

Kind regards,