Automation Hub Premium

Any details available on the Automation Hub Premium features, other than the bullets listed in the feature comparison list inside the product?

Specifically, I’m curious about the Cloud Platform Integration feature(s).

Hello, @jjes!

The Premium Plan will not be launched this year, as a subscription plan.
On the other hand, we are working on various features that were initially thought as being part of the Premium features.

The integration between Automation Hub and Automation Cloud is a feature which is currently work in progress. We will first launch it in a Private Preview phase with a selected number of customers, targeting a release for all customers (trial, paying) in late 2020 (November time).

The feature will expose Automation Hub as a service in the Automation Cloud platform, and it will enable multi-tenancy, managing the users’s access to the services in one place and easier sign in, as well as it will ease the service to service communication between Automation Hub and Orchestrator, for additional features that we will launch in the next 12 months.

More details around this integration are available here. Please check our portal for other features in the roadmap.


Thanks @Iulia_Istrate, are the productboards for other UiPath products also publicly accessible? Very nice to be able to see what’s coming :+1:


@Forum_Staff - can you help with the link to the other product portals, please?


It is done for Studio and other but only under the Insider Preview Portal