Automation Hub - Account on multiple Machines

I am still confused by this, I have TWO machines that I want to allocate TWO separate licenses to, but Automation HUB does not allow me to allocate this additional machine. I have even connected the machine but there is no way for me to give my “user” two licenses to consume. How do I do this (since I have spent thousands on the extra license). .

Hi @Nathan_Betters

I am not sure about your specific situation, but feel free to reach out to our Licensing Support. Our team will be able to advise you based on your situation:

Licensing has been zero help. Ticket has been open for over a week with no resolve.

I was hoping other community members have used multiple machines on a one human basis… I don’t see how this could possibly been overlooked so I must have something setup wrong.

Could you maybe share some details about the types of licenses that you have?

Enterprise with a bunch of studio licenses and attended robot licenses (and automation hub), also I really need this to get figured out. We spend $60k a year on UiPath and support has had an open ticket on it for over 3 weeks.