Automation has stopped working (broke)

I’ll think about how to get around this problem.

It doesn’t make sense that this happened, I didn’t change anything different. And when I open another process and click that button to go forward, it works normal

Hi @pdcampagnini,

I guess the robot thinks it clicked before the page opened.Can you add hover and focus activities with the same selectors to overcome this?


@pdcampagnini Can you confirm whether any anchor has been added to the click activity?

If you are using the modern click activity, after clicking on the Button then select the anchor and choose the proper anchor as below.

@pdcampagnini Also after selecting the particular button using UIEXPLORER, can you click on the Highlight. Check whether its highlighting the element.


I don’t think that’s it, I tested the whole process if it’s a wait time or some improper sequence.

I will record a mini video to explain the situation.

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I’m using physical ERP and not web.

Does it work the same?

@pdcampagnini Selectors will be different, but the method of click will be the same. You can tag an anchor.

I’m running the automations on an older version, so when I select the click activity it doesn’t ask for anchoring.

I still haven’t figured out why all the automation works normal and stops at this step. Since when I open a new process to test the activity, the step it crashes works normally

As I mentioned before, you should be on modern, then you can use the new verification features of the click. You indicate an item that should appear if the click is successful, and it’ll keep trying the click until it succeeds.

@pdcampagnini it means its working fine.

So what you can do is keep the click activity of that button as a separate scope in the real workflow.
Just copy the new process step to the real one.( make sure you are copying that outside of the application scope.

If still you are confused, plz share the new process xaml and the real xaml.

Good morning my friend how are you?

Sorry for my lack of understanding, but could you send me a print to see this option?

I’ll try to do it this way, let’s see what happens

I’m perplexed, it worked… but I can’t understand the reason for this

I will test more often

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