Automation framework in uipath


I am planning on designing a keyword driven framework where
Each keyword defines the functionality like click element, input data, Browser etc.

Step No Step Description KeyWord X-Co-ordinates Y-Co-ordinates Paramaters Label Delay (In Seconds) Result
1 Browser 2 PASS
2 Input_Data 666 355 Test Phrase for Yahoo Yahoo 2 PASS

For Example:

Step 1 :
The framework will read the data from this excel sheet, and fetch the KeyWord “Browser” and it invokes Browser.xaml file. Here web page will be opened on defined Browser.

Step 2 :
Then Framework will go to the next row fetching the KeyWord “Input_data” and it invokes InputText.xaml File. Based on the coordinates provided in columns X-Co-ordinates and Y-Co-ordinates, it will find the search box and writes “Test Phrase for Yahoo” in search box.

I am using CursorPosition (offSetX and offSetY) of “Click OCR Text” activity to find the elements.

The main issue here is identifying the elements (like search box, button etc).
As of now, I am using X-Y screen coordinates (as you can see above) to identify the elements but I feel this approach is impractical in the long Run.
Also this should work for both Web based applications and Desktop based applications.

The Purpose of this framework is

  1. To avoid changing of .xaml files.
  2. Testers who do not have any knowledge of UiPath can also write the Testcases (in XLS) and run the framework.

Are there anyways (apart from X-Y Co-ordinates) to identify the elements where we can specify in xls sheet and then pass it to Framework?

Hi Vinay,

Some QA Automation tool I know uses xpath or element names for element identification. I’m also planning of doing this but based on my assessment, it is not so simple. As we know, aside from the x-y coordinates, activities of UiPath takes UiElement/selector for the element identifier. Your challenge will be on how to generate these and incorporate it on your keyword driven excel. Generating “reliable” UiElement/selector is also factor.