Automation for column items which keep on changing and the contains dynamic lists or boxes and download the attachments present in it

when ever it is updated or new box comes then only the new box or updates attachments should be downloaded by the uipath and the previous downloads should also be there without creating copies of existing attachment.

There are many such boxes in each coulmn on this portal how can I get all the attachment that to on every updation or new entry using Uipath RPA.

I have attached the image of what exactly the page looks like and need to automate it due to business need can anybody help me with it.

*Note: The number of boxes in each column and also the attachments present in the box after double clicking each box in the pop up generated contains all the description and the attachments too all this boxes and attachments are dynamic and keep on changing and updating frequently and I need all the attachments every time. Please help me with automating this at the earliest.
Thanks in advance.





This is bit tricky requirement…

You can give a try with this approach:

  1. Data scrapping
  2. Create one excel file with sheet name new which will have all the files attachment details from step1.
  3. Pick one by one records for processing
  4. Create one more sheet with name processed, check if it already processed/downloaded.
  5. if its not processed then download and update in processed sheet.

repeat from 3 to 5 steps until all complete.

This way you can avoid duplicate downloads and download all attachments without missing.



Yes, But the boxes needs to be double clicked upon which an pop-up is generated which contains the attachments. So the boxes are just kind of short message box which needs to be clicked to see the attachments present in it.
And checking every-time again and again in the sheet will be time consuming.
The only thing is that the boxes are dynamic and also the number of attachments present in it and it keeps on updating and adding new boxes and attachments frequently so need an automation in which it will run continuously and will not miss any attachment to download other than that I do not need anything from the boxes or the portal.

I hope you are getting my point.