Automation for a new client

Hi everyone,

I need a support on the new Uipath licensing/price model. I’m trying to get in touch with a new client and start an automation journey with him. The client is interested in buying the more basic version needed for start an unattended automation.

I’ve read the new UiPath Flex Plan, which is agnostic in term of usage as SaaS/Private Cloud/On-Premise. The client is more opted for a solution on Cloud. I’ve seen that there are different pre-built packs such as: UiPath - Flex - Starter Pack – Standard, UiPath - Flex - Starter Pack – Advanced, UiPath - Flex - Starter Pack – Basic, UiPath - Flex – Enterprise Foundation.

The UiPath - Flex - Starter Pack - Basic includes 2 x Flex - Automation Developers, 2 x Flex - Unattended Robot - Non-Production. It also includes Flex - Citizen Developer (0-14), Flex - Attended (0-19), and Flex - Unattended Robots (0-3) which are configurable based on standard options as required. The cost of this pack is 37,000€. My question is: "Is it necessary to add an Unattended Robot (production), with an incremental cost of 10,000k , because of the ones included are Non-Production? "

The second question is: “Is It possible to make a different configuration (using the SaaS service, so the UiPath Automation Cloud Platform) and buying only the UiPath - Flex - Automation Developer - Named User (4,400€) + UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot (10,000€)?

There is a minimum number of Robots that you need to buy in UiPath?
I remind you that the idea is trying to sell to cheapest configuration to attract the client on the product.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

we would recommend to get in touch with the UiPath Sales Team: