Automation Fails with Other Login......!

Hello, I am automating a process in one machine with one login, which is running successfully. When I tried to automate the same process in same machine with other login, It fails at some point identifying element click. How can I overcome this problem, Can anyone Help…?

  1. Do you know if the two logins have the same privileges?

  2. What type of error message you are getting? UI Element not found?

This should be an easy one to fix if you post your .xaml file

My guess is you have the name of the user included within the selector somewhere.

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i was expecting the same.

Hi @bhargav29494,

Also check if the login name is associated with the Title property of your selector.

Hi @vvaidya, thanks for your questions.

  1. The two logins have different privileges.
  2. "The UI Element not found " error was solved.

Error: In the process of automation,a log file will be generated and that has to be send through mail. For that I am using “Send Exchange Mail” activity. With the developer login it is running successfully, but with other login I am getting an error. I am attaching the screen-shot of the error message. hope it will be helpful.