Automation- Download Files

I did a process that downloads files on an ‘N’ page, at least 100 files per day

Due to limitations of the page, the robot downloads one by one

  • The robot Check the name of the file and download it, repeat this process until you reach 100

What I want to know is:

If the Robot fails, as I tell the robot that at the time of rebooting begin in the last processed record, ie
the last download, this so you do not go back to doing everything from the beginning, wasting time.

For example:

You must download 100 records

and in the record 70 something happens. then it stops.

When I start it again, I would like it to start in the last record, that is, in 70 in this example
, and do not start from the first one.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about how to make the robot do this process in a different way, however in the same way as now
he does it, I need to know how he could do what I request!

Thank you

Hi Jose,

For your scenario, leveraging the ReFramework would be beneficial. The ReFramework is a base template project you can build upon. It has a built-in logic to pick up the next transaction in case of failure.

You can access the ReFramework from UiPath Studio:

To learn more about ReFramework you can take up the Advanced course available in the Academy for free.

Happy Automating!