Automation does not work when VDI is disconnected

I am having issues with a process published to an unattended bot located on a VDI – The automation behaves differently depending upon whether or not the VDI is connected. Please note that we do not have Orchestrator and that we start the automation from the system tray and then log out of our VDI.

Two places where it falls over are when pop-up windows are triggered while navigating webpages (like exporting to Excel), and another is transferring a 100MB file from a remote drive available through ‘files explorer’.

Has anyone else had issues with running their automation on a disconnected VDI in this manner?

NOTE: the automation works perfectly as expected when running from studio and from system tray with VDI open/minimised.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s input!

We are also experienced similar issues during testing. Here is our observation -

  1. triggered the bot from orchestrator and that time I logged in to bot vdi…the bot started executing as expected, then just to test we disconnected the vdi by intension…but after sometime the bot failed saying page eliment not found.
  2. this is our 2 nd scenario where we disconnected the vdi and logged out from ot( we have unattended bot installed in this vdi and it is connected from orchestrator) and triggered a process from orchestrator…the job status was showing Running but nothing moved ( we were monitoring the job log from orchestrator) for 15 minutes until we killed the job.
    We have a production release ahead any suggestions on the above will be highly appreciated.
    Note - do we need to set the bot credentials in windows credential manager as well as enable logon as batch job? It is not done yet.
    Please advise.



Did youll get solution for this problem.

Nope. Currently using workarounds to get the job done.

This may be because on your VDI UiPath is installed as user and not as unattended bot (as a service).