Automation does not work as it should

Hi Team,

Not sure why I facing this error…Once the invoice is download it should go to that folder and copy the data from notepad and paste it in the file…not happenig?

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may i know where we are facing issue

Hey @jimmy_jos1
In your Read File Text Activity you are passing a variable or String?

if passing variable which is you are assigning just before it then you do not have to use " "
with it.
if you are passing a file path then you have to use a text file extension as well like “abc.txt”


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Not getting the text file data in format…

Complete text file is appearing in column A??

PLease help

Hi Team,

I am trying to copy data from text to excel , i am able to paste the data but the complete text file appear on column A…its not splitting to 10 columns…please explain

hi @jimmy_jos1

use add datarow activity to write the text data into an excel file. if you unsure how to do that do let me know.

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Achal Sharma

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look at the error I am facing …image

I want something like this…image

hi @jimmy_jos1

firstly split the text data using Split Function in assign activity

your_text_data_variable.Split({" ",newline},StringSplitOptions.None)
here newline = Environment.NewLine

Collect the output of the Split function into an array of string. And then using add data row to write into excel file.

Happy Learning😊
Achal Sharma

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@ Achal_sharma

Didn’t get you… I am using Assign and read range activity and excel application scope and write cell…

were to add your split function??


after read text file activity use assign activity and split function there and assign the output of split function to an array of string.

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Hello @jimmy_jos1
You can do this Using generate data table Activity. You have to Make following Changes in the properties.

  • To separate The columns You can Use Space .
    And To separate Rows you can Use NewLine.
    For your Understanding i have attached a (1.4 KB)
    Thanks & Regards
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Try to write it in a CSV instead of excel with a perfect seperator you have. that will do the trick.

You can use the above method as well as @jitendra_123 mentioned.