Automation Cloud - License Usage Other Services AI Robots

I am having an issue creating Pipeline in AI Fabric, it stays in Queued status for a long time then I relalized for me it show AI Robots 2 out of 2 in License Usage Other Service…

Before this I have not created any AI Fabric project then why it shows 2 out of 2 AI Robots.

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You are here looking at a graph about licenses allocation, I assume the AI Robots are allocate to a tenant this is why you see that. To check license usage, you need to open AI Fabric and then check license usage clicking on three dots button on rop right of the screen.
What do you see there?
Is the pipeline still in Queued state?


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Thanks Jeremy for your response

In Ai Fabric, license usage shows 0 of 2 Ai Robots…And pipeline was showing in Queued state for more than 12 hours after I created, then I deleted.

have you tried to restart it since then? Is it working now?

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IT is working now…I have not selected GPU this time while creating new pipeline…

When I was selecting GPU, it was keep running and did not success…system should be able to notify.