Automation Clicking to the Right of an Anchored Element, Even with Clipping


I have built an automation, that finds the location of an element that matches an input using a variable and and anchor base tool.

I find the location of the text and then select Find Text Position, and I want to click a radio button to the LEFT of the text position, which is the anchor. There are two identical radio buttons on either side of the element. However even setting my clipping to 2, it ALWAYS clicks the right side one.

I would like it to click the left side one. Any advice? Thanks!

You can try clicking on the text itself with a “Click” activity, and giving an offset to enable it to click on the particular icon. The offset should be given from the leftmost edge of the text (there are options in the Click activity properties to do this) and it should work. I have used this technique myself, and it works fine! Hope you have a similar result!


So, I did try that. Offset did nothing. It would up being a pre-set in the anchor activiy to default right.

:slight_smile: Thank you~

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