Automation Challenge: Wait for reload website (fakenamegenerator)

Dear friends,

I am new to UiPath and this board and at the moment im practicing with the wonderful acadey trainings.
I go stuck with the following problem:

  • Use “Open Browser” to open “
  • Change specifications of the dropdown (Brazil instead of US)
  • Click button “Generate”
  • Fetch the generated data
    → Problem: Fetched data is not neccesarily the data of the newly generated person, but rather (or partially) belongs to the old page. This problem is not deterministic and depends on the delay of the page loading.

Does anyone have good solution for me? Is it possible to “wait for finished loading” after clicking the button “Generate”?

Best regards


Give some delay after clicking generate button and also you can use element exists activity and indicate any element.

If it is found then scrape data else give some delay and scrape data.

Use Wait for element exists activity and then get the generated data.


thanks for the hint! The Problem wird the website is, that any element already exists when clicking the button. So the algorithm will just pass this test.
Is there any option to check whether the browser is loading/finished loading?

Had an idea: is it maybe possible to wait for the “loading Icon element” of the Browser?