🚀 Automation Business Analyst Series 2023

Got any plans for autumn?:maple_leaf:
UiPath Community is launching a one month long intensive training series dedicated entirely to aspiring and practicing Automation Business Analysts.
This is a unique opportunity to embark a like-minded learning cohort, guided by UiPath experts, product managers and MVPs, and gain an incredible skill asset before the year is done.

:boom: UiPath Business Analyst Webinar Series​:boom:
:calendar: Nov 13 - Dec 13, Mon & Wed/each week/live or self-paced
:alarm_clock: 10AM EDT, 16PM CET, 19:30PM IST (1,5hrs/session)
:point_right: Register here :point_right: See Business Analyst Webinar Series 2023 at UiPath Learners

:closed_book: What will you learn?
Introduction to Automation Methodology and Business Analysis Fundamentals
Introduction to the UiPath Business Automation Platform for Business Analysts
UiPath Process Mining
UiPath Task Mining
UiPath Task Capture
UiPath Automation Hub
You will explore the role of a Business Analyst and gain the necessary skills for an Automation Business Analyst career, whilst being supported and learning best practices from our UiPath experts.

:woman_technologist::man_teacher: Trainers:
Anurag Upadhyay, Program Manager Intelligent Automation Accenture
Mukesh Kala, RPA Manager Boundaryless Group, UiPath MVP
Cristina Avram, Senior Product Manager UiPath
Noopur Inani, Senior Product Manager UiPath
Devyani Sharma, Senior RPA Analyst Boundaryless Group
Christian Ventriglia, RPA Consultant CAI, UiPath MVP
Dan Fishkin, Solutions Architect Tapestry, UiPath MVP
Andrei Vintila, Senior Product Manager UiPath
Tracy Dixon, Operational Excellence Partnership Lead Centric Consulting, UiPath MVP
Atul Trikha, Chief Technologist Peraton, UiPath MVP

:loudspeaker: Give a huge shout out to your networks, partners and customers alike about this opportunity, and let’s grow together the new generation of automation focused business analysts!! :rocket::rocket: Link to share: https://bit.ly/BA_series_2023


Blockquote :alarm_clock: 10AM EDT, 16PM CET, 19:30PM IST (1,5hrs/session)

These times are not the same. 10AM EDT and 16PM CET are the same time, but 19:30 IST is 1 hour earlier than the other two. Can you clarify the class time for IST?

Kendra – Can you let me know if it should be 20:30 IST.

The time that is correct is 10:00am EST. We will make the changes on the series page.

Harmeet can you please check this tomorrow as we just had the time change.

Thanks Diana

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Yes, 10:00 EST is 20:30 IST.

Excited to be a part of event


Shall we begin the introductions?

Hello, my name is Kendra Swope. I have been working for the same company for over 20 years, but I’ve only been working as a business analyst for a little over a year. After working with one of the company’s automation teams using UiPath to automate some of what I was doing, I was asked to transfer to the team as a business analyst. I’ve had no prior experience or training in the work or with UiPath, so I’m very much looking forward to this course and what we’ll be learning. My goal is to finish all the required work and courses and take the certification exam.


Great to meet you Kendra – We are very excited you are joining us and are looking forward to meeting everyone on Monday for this exciting program.

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Yes – This is available for both men and women to join. Thanks Diana



Our initiative is to promote the active participation of women in the program.

UiPath has graciously collaborated with us in this endeavor, contributing to our initiative—The Next Innings.

It is important to note that this opportunity is open to individuals of all genders.

Revathi R


I’m very much looking forward to the series! Thank you for the opportunity


Good morning

I was instructed to post my certificates on here since I was unable to use the form/link provided.

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It was a great session today by @Anurag_Upadhyay. Thank you for the session.

Question: What is the difference between a Process Definition Document and Process Design Document? If you could please help me with this question.


Can I ask what the difference between UiPath and Power Automate is? Thanks

Noted @Josefina_Belgrave :+1:

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Hi @cristina.vidu , I uploaded a screenshot in the form for the certificates, is that fine as well?
Thanks, Maja

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Yeah, that’s what I had to do also, and they accepted it.

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