Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

Amazing¡, the productivity at the companies going to improve.
I am interested about how to create a Robot proccess with a lot of conditionals.

Welcome Jan!

Everything, I’m dying to learn and master all of this.

I love the way we have the chance to reduce waist times, waiting to look at the features and the it’s capabilities building an automation.

I find it very interesting to learn the use of the Studio tool, how good it integrates all the RPA processes and I love its connectivity with other platforms

Sounds extremely useful. I’m looking forward to learning more on how to implement into my team’s workflows.

If I cant say all products intrigued me, then I can say I am excited to learn most of them. :star_struck:

I am thrilled to be part of this learning

I would like learn to automate the repetitive work in investigation on my own

The Discover phase and the task capture tool!

What automation phase intrigued you the most?
The BUILD PHASE was my most mind-blowing.

And what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on?
The integration - how to just automate each ad every step was interesting.
Studio X - automating all the tasks without complex coding took me all out.

  • What automation phas intrigued you the most,
    I am very intrigued by the whole RPA, AI-powered RPA, automation examples, the UiPath Platform, and automation personas. This is groundbreaking!

  • And what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on.
    I am very anxious to use the StudioX. I want to learn to use this product to develop apps and automation without coding!

The Discover phase intrigues me the most - uncovering opportunities for automation through process mining and task capture.
I cannot wait to use Automation Hub/StudioX to create simple automations on my own as a citizen developer.

I kinda love RPA and automatization, I am amazed how good, user friendly and logic is UiPath structure! Cant wait to use tool to get PDD instead of write it manually :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! Vince S. from Nielsen / Gracenote here. Currently working as a Data Analyst and now heading down the road into RPA. Looking forward to diving deeper, learning from everyone and getting my first automation going. All the best and cheers!

What automation phase intrigued you the most?

The Build phase intrigues me the most with the integration across a large and growing list of applications and technologies. Will always have to keep my skillsets updated and sharp. I’m all for continuous learning!

What UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on?

Studio / Studio X as I’m leaning towards taking the path towards becoming a RPA Dev, but would also enjoy learning the drag and drop functionally as well.

Looks great. There are many tasks in my current work profile of training execution which can benefit from Automation. Excited to see how much this can help.

Thank you for making this! The “discover” phase intrigued me most, since it seems like there’s a wide variety of processes that could be automated. I can’t wait to start building RPAs of my own!

Discovery and Building phase are the most interesting for me… Now Studiox, Studio and Studio Pro and the tools I can wait to use

Build Phase is the most interesting to me. It feels like solving a puzzle when the output given is as expected.

i was intigued by task capture
i can not wait to learn studio
are there any uses in the hospitality industry?