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build part i liked the most and i want to explore studio and studiox

Studio X intrigued me the most by the ability to step through task to automate steps.

Greetings, I consider that it is a very important tool, capable of solving any problem that is generated in a company.

And it is extremely important for the development of technology.

I can see every day at my current job many failures in the processes, being able to find the way to fix them make me feel excited, i can’t wait to use task mining.

Can’t wait to to Build my own robot using StudioX and help my staff to the ease their work using the robot.

The UiPath platform, is amazing. I hope to learn very well!!

Looking forward to finding good use cases within my team, so the Discover phase got my interest.

I’m looking forward to trying for myself with Studio X…

I’m new to the platform and I’m ready for a new challenge. :muscle: :smiley:
Congratulations for the presentation of the courses…
It would have been wonderful if we had the possibility to have access to several languages ​​in the video subtitles (ex: Romanian language) for a better deepening of the theory…
Otherwise, I am impatient to join the UiPath elite. :smile:

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UiPath is amazing. A shame that I didn’t look at UiPath Academy information before dabbling with the program. I struggled for two weeks and automated reports and it turns out I may have had an easier time with StudioX.

I can’t wait to see what UiPath truly has to offer!

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Discover phase intrigued me as I enjoy delivering the transformational projects from the initiation phase.
I cannot wait to use the Automation Hub and UiPath Insights products.

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The discovery and build phases are very interesting.

UiPath StudioX and UiPath Studio

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happy to learn it

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what automation phase intrigued you the most?
The Build Phase intrigued me the most as it involves writing the essential code to translate the user actions into an automated solution.

and what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on.
Some of the core activities of the entire automation gets done here which is crucial for the entire process automation :grinning:

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At this point I am interested in the Discover Phase because I want to learn to discover where the automation can really benefit the company and the Build Phase to realize amd see the possibilities to realize them

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Excited to start with some simple processes of excel sheet data compliling and analyzing

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Hi everyone,

Super new to all of this, but I’m eager to learn as much as I can. :sweat_smile:
The phase that I find most interesting is build, and so I can’t wait to learn how to use Studio and Studio Pro. Fingers crossed I’m not fooling myself (given the fact that I come from an entrely different field).


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I can’t wait to get started on the UI Path Studio, Lots of processes at work that i can learn to automate