Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

The automation phase that intrigued me the most is the build phase where business users rapidly automate their business apps without the need for developer resources or coding skills.

The UiPath product I cannot wait to put my hands is UiPath StudioX.

It’s really awesome to automate the repetitive task to reduce manual effort. Can’t wait to get more hands on UiPath Studio.

Task mining, this will make it quicker and easier to find data and fill in forms that otherwise could take forever.

Explore/discover the current process and steps to identify the repetitive manual work.
cant wait to explore StudioX and UiPath assistant to gets hands on with automation.

Building RPA-Processes

There were some sophisticated and impressive options reviewed in the intro to RPA and Automation course, but looking at the basics, I was intrigued by the automation hub + task capture functionality and the potential for it to both document a current state manual process and provide the skeleton for further development. It sounds like it could save a lot time (and grief) by auto-documenting details, providing the basis for a quicker more meaningful discussion on what is needed, and get some of the initial development work done in the process.

The build stage and the ability to apply ML models really piques my curiosity. I need to learn how this is done and am looking forward to building on my existing experience with Studio and StudioX.

Toda a plataforma em si me chamou a atenção, dando destaque ao fato de conseguir processar documentos, formulários e e-mails, integrar com aplicações, conectar com API, realizar automação na Web, ler e escrever banco de dados, entre outros.

Platform is very helpful.
I find studio x interesting.

I am excited about the BUILD journey

The Discover phase, and in particular the Task Capture aspect of it, intrigued me the most.
I can’t wait to try UIPath Studio

The automation phase which intrigued me the most is the discovery phase and I am really lookign forward to use UiPath Process Mining :slight_smile:

Hola!!! no puedo pasar a español este módulo, alguien sabe?

Para automatizar procesos y que la gente no deba hacer trabajos de robots, asi pueden enfocarse en tareas mas humanas.

The build phase intrigues me the most and I cant wait to work with UI Path Studio

While all phases are intriguing, the Build phase is exciting, Would like to begin with Ui Path Studio.

I never knew that UiPath has multiple tools for each of the Phase of RPA life cycle. I really like the UiPath Process and Task Mining. These tools helping in the initial phase of RPA Discovery can help to get the right automation candidate. Awesome !! :ok_hand:

Of course to be an architect is one of the final goals, but for beginners, Discover and Build phase both excites me.

For products, Process Mining & Task Mining and both Studio & StudioX are all very interesting to deal with during this journey.

Very excited to learn about this platform. Does anyone of you know which UiPath product is more suitable for “train” a robot for analysis purposes?

This is one of the biggest RPA platforms, I´m exited for learning!