Automation and Synchro on ServiceNow

Hi to All,
If it were possible, I would need a lot of help.
I state, I am a user with little experience, and certainly the level of knowledge is low for the job. I need to be helped like a baby.
I have to automate the payment of a project, on Service Now, after checking the correspondence between the data coming from another panel. (no ServiceNow).

I try to explain the work.
From site one, go to list of Pending Approval projetc.

For each element, Get: Service/TimeSheet (ex 2733)

Then, enter in each TimeSheet and
Get: PO Numer (PO 0410008151)
Get: PO Line# value for this PO. (1)
Get Due Date: (07/03/19)
Get Actual Completion: (none)
Get Submittend Amp: (3.500,00 €)

These data must be verified if correctly entered on ServiceNow.
I have to search for the PO number of Site1, in the list of candidates to approve in ServiceNow list, and if:

  • PO numer corresponds. (PO 0410008151)
  • PO Line Corresponds. (1)
  • Price, it corresponds: (3.500,00 €)
  • Date is less than “today” (07/03/19)
    Then I click on CheckBox on Site 1.

After Click on Site1, I have to go back to the previous screen,
in which I find below the table above, the same customers, but divided by PO Number and PO Line.

Here, the approval takes place.
So, for each authorized PO Number, I have to search in the list,
and for that PO Number, I have to authorize each PO Line.
(double click on “False” value in Accounted Column and then click select TRUE)

it is very complex for my knowledge.
Most likely I can’t use API to work this RPA.
Someone very kind can help.
I created a job, but I think I’m on the wrong way…
please… if anyone can help…


You stated that you can not use API, does that mean that you can not use ServiceNow activities?

What are you describing would be perfect for Dispatcher - Performer Robots

Dispatcher to collect all data from SNOW and performer to do it.


  • per my knowledge SNOW will create different URL address for each ticket, so you can use that for each ticket when you want to perform some action.

Does this help?


You mean, the Manage Packages?
These yes, I can use them.
I don’t know how, but I can install and use them.

You need to connect snow scope to your snow server

Unfortunately these are my only tools, that I know .

I did this.
I don’t know how to go on to match the data and work it.
I have included excel files.
Sheet1, the scraping of the Site1. (all the data you need).
Sheet2, ServiceNow scraping.

If anyone has any ideas … I would be grateful.

TestSN.xaml (63,1 KB)
ExtractData.xlsx (24,1 KB)