Automating user input variations

Let’s say I have an automation for which I want to create a (data driven) test case.

One step in the automation is selecting a value from a DropDown in the automated application. The values in the dropdown are represented in my testdata, but how to I actually get the testcase to run and do this dropdown-selection during the test?


The columns from your test data will be added to the test case as arguments. The arguments will be set with values from your test data rows.
You just have to base the selection in the dropdown on the value of the correct argument.

@agi, so just to be clear, in order to build a test case for a process that depends on user input, I need to have defaults for those user-inputtable values and controls, and then feed those with the testdata arguments?

When you add the data variation to the test case, the arguments that will be added to the test case will take the values from the first selected row as the default values. You don’t have to specify the default value again (but you can change it, if you want to).
Does this is answers your question?
PS: here is a short video about data driven testing: UiPath Test Suite: Data-Driven Testing - YouTube