Automating unknown dialogue boxes on server

I need to handle random popup boxes on Terminal server. It doesn’t appear on local machine to automate by using element exists or screenshot activity. Please see sample dialogue box below, bot needs to click OK button in order to continue the execution. We get this error frequently. This bot runs in early morning 2 am, so this bot is very crucial for us as we don’t have backup plan. Any thoughts on handling this random dialogue boxes.


Studio version - 2018.2.3
Studio location - on local machine.
Application type - Thick client (windows application)

you could use a Try Catch Block and in Catch you can use element exists, attach window and click ok or even sending Escape key if it servers the purpose, but you would need to know more or less when those can appear…

I have studio installed on local machine, so can’t use any selectors here to use element exists. I usually get this error while trying to open an application on server. @bcorrea

Are you saying those error windows are from uipath robot itself or from your applications?

From my application. @bcorrea

oh, so i would say your best way is to try to force this error and capture that little window, if cant than maybe it will work to use Get Active Window and send Escape key on it as a first thing to try so maybe your workfow can continue…

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Sure seems like this should work. Will let you know how it works. Appreciate your swift replies here. @bcorrea

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