Automating Start and End Date in an Input Dialog Box to Filter Outlook Messages

I am trying to create a workflow wherein there is an input dialog box; the user will input a start date and end date there. Those days will be the parameters to be used to filter outlook messages with attachments. Then, those attachments will be saved in a local folder.

So far, I have created the activity for Get Outlook messages to save attachments in a local folder. What I am clueless now, is how to create the input dialog box where user will input the start and end date to filter Outlook messages.

Hope someone could help or provide an example workflow. I have attached the xaml file for review.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Main2.xaml (16.1 KB)


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We have input dialog activity, you can use that.
By using that you can hold the user input value in a variable and pass it to the get outlook messages activity.

@sarathi125 Thank you for your response.

Can you guide me through on how I can pass those variables (from input dialogue) to get outlook messages? Actually, that’s where I am having a trouble understanding. :slight_smile:


Main2 (1).xaml (17.4 KB)

I have modified your workflow, removed the while loop and updated the filter option in the Get Outlook Mails Activity, check that and let me know if any issues.

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It worked. Thanks mate.

@sarathi125 Question, I am testing a scenario where start date is same as end date. I set the flow decision as “Checker=-1 Or Checker=0”.

But when running it, bot can’t save the attachment if start date is same as end date. Could you please help to supplement?

This code is working fine, may be no mails available in your inbox, check that…as well.

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