Automating running Backups on MS Dynamics Lifecycle Services

I’m an UiPath newbie. I’ve written an automation which runs a backup of a D365 environment using MS LifeCycle Services in the web browser by clicking on different elements, on a timed basis, running on a VDI, but this assumes I’m already logged in. I’m developing this for somebody else and was wondering how we approach logging in with MS365 via the browser if they happen to not be logged in? The problem is that it is not a standard username/pw prompt, it lets you choose from a list of already logged in identities.

From the training I’ve done so far, I’d usually search for a page element to determine whether I’m logged in or not, but just wondering if anybody has successfully got this to work via web based automation.

Hi @robin.thakur

If there is no dedicated activity available, you can use standard web automation techniques to interact with the login elements on the page. To determine whether a user is already logged in, you can search for a specific element that is present only when the user is logged in, such as a username or profile picture. If this element is not found, it indicates that the user needs to log in.