Automating process where server resets every night


I am currently looking into automating a process where server resets every night.
It doesn’t delete any programs or files, however some settings are set back to default, I guess.

So each time I open this Citrix window, I have to open UIPath from the beginning and click “start free”, although I have done this a previous day. I have tried to locate the %appdata%\local UIpath.exe file. I CAN find it on my local computer, however, it isn’t there on my citrix window.

My problem is this:
I need the robot to run easily, even for those without dev experience. At the moment, I have to install all packages inside UIPath each time, and this wouldn’t work long term.

As far as I know, the robot will not be able to run on the server through Orchestrator, when it resets every night. So I have to find a different solution. I guess one person could log on each day. But I would still want just ONE button to click, to start the robot. Instead of pressing “start free”, installing packages etc.

Any ideas on this?

I am not sure if this will be helpful but you may just use a powershell or a bat file to execute and schedule it inside the server.