Automating MS Bookings Registrations


We currently have a very manual process that requires the use of multiple tools and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for an automation to save us some time/headaches, but I’m a newbie to UI Path and running into some issues.

We have two different systems where users can register for training events (MS Bookings and an internal registration service). MS Bookings and the internal service send out email reminders with a MS Teams meeting link, which is created by MS Bookings the first time someone registers for a specific event. To make sure the meeting links/URLs are the same (point to the same meeting space), we have to manually register for each offering in MS Bookings to create the initial calendar event, open the ICS file and edit it to the format we want, then add the ICS file into the internal registration service to ensure that either way of registration sends out the same meeting info.

The Process:

  1. Register for each training event for a given month in MS Bookings
  2. Open and edit each ICS file created by MS Bookings
  3. Save each file to the desired location
  4. Configure the internal service to send out the newly edited and saved ICS file to new registrants


  1. How can I accomplish searching for each occurrence of each offering for a given month and opening/editing all of those ICS files, and then saving them to another location?
  2. I’m able to accomplish this once, my issue is identifying the part of the selector that I can use to identify each calendar even as unique to the bot so that I can tell it to work through the next one.

Welcome to the forum @aricchiuto

That seems you have automated the most of it.

Your first point, you can make a list of training and search that one by one in a for loop, then for each of them you check the calendar and fetch the available dates

The selector element you are referring to in your second point, that can be done only by inspecting the entire selector in Ui Explorer. I think there would be an attribute related to the active and not-active cells in that calendar. Finding that requires element loading in Ui Explorer and check each componet to get that attribute


If you have list of meetings then you can use For Each loop to do steps for Each meeting

For the selector issue you can share the screenshot and let us know where exactly facing the issue