Automating linux platform update / patch

I am thinking to automate the patching of Linux / unix Platform by using UiPath.

are there any guide or function i can refer to?


Hi @Andy_Chow

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Although I can’t think of any ready-to-use guides, it would surely help if you could explain your process.

Does it happen mostly via the console?

Yes I think will be done with SSH console

I found this activity package for SSH that might do the trick for you:

I tried it myself just now and it worked quite nicely :slight_smile:

may i know where can I download that package?

It is available on our Marketplace, which should be this feed:
I believe it should be added to your list in Package Manager by default.

i only see this when i get into this website

<atom:title type=“text”>Default</atom:title>

<atom:title type=“text”>Packages</atom:title>

any help?

Successfully imported the package
but when I try to input the password
its warning string cannot be converted to secure string
how to fix this?

Indeed, it takes the SecureString as an argument. There are two ways to solve it:

  • either save your password as a credential asset in Orchestrator and then fetch it from there using Get Credential activity
  • use this syntax:
    new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty,"yourPassword").SecurePassword